Ten Coolest Coworking Spaces in the U.S., by Premiere Global Services Inc.

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Release Date: June 2014
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A May 13 article on the Future of Business Collaboration website presents “10 of the coolest coworking spaces in the U.S.” The website is sponsored by Premiere Global Services Inc. (PGi), a multinational corporation and global provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions.

The article notes that “coworking spaces, shared workspaces that members can join for a fee that provide power, Wi-Fi and other office amenities, are an increasingly popular choice for smaller companies, solo-preneurs and freelancers [who] don’t need or want the overhead of a dedicated office space.” It highlights the following 10 coworking centers, with photographs and brief descriptions:

  1. Gangplank (Arizona and Virginia), which seeks to create communities of “creators” by offering free workspace and emphasizing collaboration over competition.
  2. Link (Austin, Texas), which features comfortable and professional environments, open and dedicated desk spaces and conference rooms for rent.
  3. Green Spaces (New York and Colorado), which bills its centers as “hubs for good” and features coworking and events facilities that provide eco-friendly settings for startups and entrepreneurs.
  4. TheOffice (California), which features ergonomically designed furniture and an “It was Written Here…” wall documenting the books, television shows, movies and other works that were created there.
  5. CoCo (Minnesota), which offers dramatic settings; its Minneapolis center is housed in the sprawling, 20,000-square-foot former trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.
  6. Hera Hub (California), a spa-inspired collaborative workspace designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.
  7. Workbar  (Massachusetts), Boston’s first coworking space, which consists of an interconnected network of coworking centers and other office space in Boston and Cambridge. (For more on Workbar, see NAIOP’s Workplace Innovation Today).
  8. Paragraph (New York), a quiet, comfortable space designed specifically by writers, for writers.
  9. Atlanta Tech Village (Georgia), “a hotbed of innovation designed to help fuel Atlanta’s burgeoning tech start-up scene.”
  10. Icehouse (Louisiana), a New Orleans-based coworking space originally constructed as an actual icehouse in the 1920s that features a 30-foot ceiling with skylights.