Redevelopment of Shuttered Auto Dealerships: Start Your Engines?

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Release Date: January 2009
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Thinking about redeveloping a shuttered auto dealership property? Find out if it will be a ride in the park, or hell on wheels. Learn how to make the most of this opportunistic play:

  • What has happened to the local car dealer?
  • How has the internet changed the way consumers buy cars?
  • Has "Green technologies" changed the face of new dealerships?
  • Do car dealership sites make good retail sites?
  • Who will buy, lease, and develop closed car dealerships?
  • How long will development, financing, lease up times effect values?

Ralph Murphy interviews our guest expert Tony Villasenor, who has been quoted in NREI, Western Real Estate Business and Mortgage Banking magazine, to name just a few publications.

Presented by Ralph Murphy, President, Circle M Development and Tony Villasenor, Senior Vice President-Retail Division, Voit Real Estate Services.