ProLogis Headquarters

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Release Date: January 2006
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Prologis Headquarters

Fast Facts

Address: Denver, CO
Company/Developer: ProLogis
Design/Builder: Gensler
Property Type: Corporate Headquarters
Square Feet: 89,021 square feet
Height: 5 stories

Building Description: The office building consists of six percent private offices and 94 percent open plan workstations. All work spaces feature direct natural lighting and views of the outdoors. Building amenities include a centrally located training and conference facility; a café and dining area; a fitness center with locker rooms and both aerobic and strength and conditioning fitness equipment; and a tie-in to the local sidewalk trail system, which consists of paved and concrete paths that are easily accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Green Features

Sustainable Sites

  • Bicycle racks available for over five percent of the building occupants and electric car charging stations for over three percent of the building’s parking spaces.
  • Changing/locker rooms available for employees who use the ground floor fitness center and ride their bikes to work.
  • Over 90 percent of exposed roof area is covered with a white, Energy Star compliant, PVC roof membrane. The only roof areas that are not covered are areas where rooftop equipment is located.
  • Specialty paving conditions include highly reflective pavers for the visitor parking area, light-colored concrete paving around the main entry and exterior dining patios, light gray concrete paving on the loading dock and trash dumpster area and numerous light gray concrete sidewalks throughout the site.
  • Heavily landscaped site with numerous trees in the parking lot area sized at 2.5 to 3” in caliper at the time of planting, providing significant shading on the black asphalt area within five years.
  • Erosion and storm water control plan implemented during the construction phase of the project. Erosion control measures included temporary seeding and mulching, permanent stabilization, protection of storm outlets into the office park retention pond with rip rap, silt fencing around the entire property line, inlet protection at all storm inlet areas, and sedimentation basins at the outfall structures that tie into the office park retention pond.
front entrance to Prologis Headquarters

Front entrance

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • A carbon dioxide monitoring system that maintains appropriate CO2 levels for the building. Sensors within the common air shafts for each RTU are tied into building control software that will open or close the outside air dampers based on the CO2 levels.
  • Sealants and adhesives meet the volatile organic compound (VOC) content limits of the South Coast Air Qualilty Management District Rule #1168.
  • All installed carpets are certified to meet the requirements of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus protocol.
  • All paints and coatings meet the requirements listed by Green Seal Standard GS-11.
  • Pedimat walkway system located at all of the employee and visitor entry doors.
  • To maximize daylight entering the building, 12-foot ceilings are located throughout the space and the ceiling was aligned with the top of the exterior windows. Exterior glass had a high shading coefficient but still allowed a significant amount of visible light penetration. These features allowed 77 percent of the floor area of the building to have a daylight factor of 2 percent or greater.
  • Daylight harvesting system utilizes sensors that measure the amount of incoming light through the exterior glazing and automatically dims the lights to prevent the excess lighting of office space.
  • Glass sidelights at all private office entries and, in some cases, entire glass walls separating the private offices from the open office areas. This allows staff who work in the interior areas of the building to have access to exterior views even when bordered by private offices (97 percent of the regularly occupied office space has a view to the exterior).
  • Above-average levels of human thermal comfort including air temperature, air velocity and humidity levels.

Water Efficiency

  • Building uses 100 percent recycled water for all irrigation via a municipally supplied recycled water system.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • No CFC-base refrigerants in the HVAC equipment.
Prologis Headquarters exterior view

Exterior view

Materials and Resources

  • High percentage of local and regional source materials to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. The materials include pre-cast concrete for the structure and large portion of exterior skin; all concrete for sidewalks and foundations, imported soils, landscaping, asphalt paving, various stone paving, some structural steel components, millwork cabinetry, some of the building insulation and fireproofing, metal wall panels, glazing, gypsum wall board, metal studs and some interior signage.
  • On site sorting of all waste production by construction laborers—over 74 percent of all construction, demolition and land clearing debris had been diverted from landfills into recycling facilities by project completion.
  • Building components that contain recycled content include the miscellaneous structural steel and rebar, the particle board and plastic laminate within the millwork cabinetry, the metal wall panels, the gypsum wall board, the acoustic ceiling grid and tile, the carpet, the accent cork flooring, the vinyl floor tile and wall base, the aluminum curtain wall and window framing, the metal doors and frames, as well as the metal studs that were used throughout the project.

Innovation and Design Process

  • All exterior lighting has full cut-offs and shields to better control light direction, preventing high light levels from exiting the property boundaries while still providing adequate lighting levels for all of the parking lot and pedestrian walkways.
  • Lighting for the 45-foot tall flagpoles on the site through a special fixture that is mounted at the top in lieu of having a series of powerful uplights shining on the flag from the ground.
  • All exterior signage has been designed with LED lighting to allow the ProLogis signage to be seen from a distance without allowing any lamp lumens to spill over the property line.
  • Information about the building’s design, construction and environmental attributes is featured in the gallery area of the main lobby.

Return on Investment Analysis

  • The cost premium to incorporate sustainable and green building features and technologies in the design and construction of the facility was less than three percent of the total project budget.