Exceptional Industrial Projects: Beyond the Box

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Release Date: May 2003
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Exceptional Industrial Projects book cover

Study 20 detailed cases showing the best in industrial project design — industrial parks, bulk warehouse, business distribution, adaptive reuse, sustainable development, special use and more.

There are nine major trends in American manufacturing and distribution that are covered in this book:

  1. Consolidation of major manufacturing and distribution operations-fewer locations and larger facilities
  2. Speed-to-market demands and the logistics of "just-in-time" shipping
  3. Strategic importance of proximity to intermodal transportation and suppliers
  4. Flexibility to accommodate growth and change
  5. Sophisticated materials handling systems that support increasing market demands for efficiency, customization and "high-touch"
  6. Individualized requirements that demand an "inside out" approach to infrastructure Access to a competitive labor market
  7. A return to the urban core and adaptive reuse
  8. An increased awareness of energy and environmental issues

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