National Forums Program FAQs

Appointment Process

Who is eligible to apply for an appointment to a Forum?

How are members selected for appointment to a Forum?

How do I choose a Forum?

What is the term of a Forum appointment?

How may my membership be renewed after my initial three-year appointment?

May I transfer to a different Forum?

How many members are in a Forum?

What is the annual fee to participate and what does it include?


What is a NAIOP National Forum?

What is the difference between Limited and General Forums?

Is there a list of Forums with descriptions?

How many members are in a Forum?

What are the critical principles of Forum success?

What is the confidentiality agreement?

What is NAIOP’s antitrust policy as it pertains to Forums?


What is the National Forums Directory?

How do I update my bio in the directory?

How can I get a current roster of my Forum?

How can I get in touch with my Fellow Forum members?

What is a Forum listserv?


Who leads each meeting?

What do members talk about in a Forum meeting?

How is the meeting agenda developed?

May I see a sample agenda?

What happens if I cannot attend a meeting?

What is a typical schedule of Forum events for a year?

What are the dates and locations of future Forum events?

What is the typical attire at Forum events?

What are the arrangements for the Forum dinners?