Industrial Space Demand Forecast

By: Dr. Joshua Harris, University of Central Florida and Dr. Hany Guirguis, Manhattan College

Release Date: August 2016

Industrial Space Forecast

The NAIOP Industrial Space Demand Forecast gives an efficient, accurate forecast of future and current conditions in the U.S. industrial real estate market for use by NAIOP members and the real estate community. The report helps to define linkages between economic and industrial sector activity and the demand for industrial real estate.

Current Forecast:  Third Quarter 2016 Report

Past Forecasts

Developers may use the data and forecasts to make more prudent decisions on capitalizing and starting new development based on objective measures of future market conditions. This is particularly valuable in forecasting and determining the impending recovery of the industrial real estate market and will thus aide in shortening the lag between actual improvement and the realization of such by market participants.