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The NAIOP Research Foundation helps build better communities through practical research and education. The Foundation's research projects, educational programs and outreach activities have a united purpose: to support developers, owners and others involved in commercial real estate in meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our communities, now and in the future.

Research Reports

Preferred Office Locations

Preferred Office Locations: Comparing Location Preferences and Performance of Office Space in CBDs, Suburban Vibrant Centers and Suburban Areas

Where do today’s office tenants want to be located? This comprehensive study, which combines expert opinion and accurate property-level data, provides reliable information about emerging location preferences across major U.S. office markets and the comparative performance of office space in CBDs, suburban vibrant centers — defined as amenity-rich, mixed-use, “live, work, play” locations — and typical single-use suburban areas.

Select U.S. Ports Prepare For Panama Canal Expansion

Select U S Ports Prepare For Panama Canal Expansion

The report focuses on nine container ports on the nation’s East and South coasts: the East Coast ports of New York and New Jersey and Baltimore; the Southeast ports of Virginia, Charleston and Savannah; the Florida ports of Miami, Jacksonville and Everglades; and the Gulf port of Houston.

Industrial Space Forecast

Industrial Space Demand Forecast

The Industrial Space Demand Forecast for the U.S. is issued quarterly by NAIOP and is based on an accurate model. The Forecast assists developers and investors to make more prudent decisions about the timing of new development projects. The white paper includes a full description of the methodology behind the forecast.

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Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate, 2014 Edition

This research report quantifies the economic impact of new commercial real estate development and construction in the U.S. and states, including jobs created, income generated, GDP and the effect of multipliers.

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Workplace Innovation Today: The Coworking Center

Picture an office filled with people. But imagine that some of them are freelance writers, graphic designers, programmers and app developers; others are teleworkers; still others are in the process of forming startup companies or working for very small firms. The office may simply be a large room where people work at couches, tables and bench desks, or it may contain carrels, cubicles, private offices and even classrooms or auditoriums. What is this place? It is a coworking center.

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