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2014 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey

Is your salary and bonus package competitive? Find out with the 2014 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey.

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ECON 2015 Recap: Presentations and Videos

Free Content, Conference session

E.CON 2015: The Ecommercee Conference offered attendees a chance to examine how e-commerce and today's on-demand consumer lifestyle is redefining industrial real estate. The conference was held March 5-6 in Atlanta, Georgia.View the presentations and selected video snippets of the speakers and panelists.

Warehouse Design cover

Rules of Thumb for Distribution/Warehouse Facilities Design  

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Published by NAIOP and written by HPA, Inc., this publication is a detailed and illustrated introduction to issues that drive the design of industrial facilities. Includes best practices of truck parking, pallet storage, flooring, roofing, fire suppression systems and more.

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Freight Shipment

Follow the Freight: I.CON Attendees Get a Close-Up View, From Cargo Ship to Cross-Dock Facility

Free Content, Article

Some lucky 2015 I.CON attendees were treated to a “Follow the Freight” tour that gave them a first-hand look at how freight is unloaded from a vessel, put on a truck or a rail car and transported to intermodal distribution centers.

I.CON 2015

Lower Energy Costs Bring More Manufacturing Back to US

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In a reversal of a decades-long trend, manufacturing is returning to the U.S. According to a panel at I.CON, The Industrial Conference, June 10-11, in Long Beach, California, this trend should continue into at least the next decade.

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What Drives Variations in Liquidity in Euro CRE Investment Markets? by CBRE

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Overall trends in European CRE market liquidity before and after the financial crisis reflect the effects of two key drivers: the availability of debt and the responses of investors to economic uncertainty and risk, according to Peter Damessick, chairman, EMEA Research, CBRE, writing in the latest issue of About Real Estate.

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Repositioning Older Properties to Create the Value Proposition

Free Content, Conference session

How should you spend your dollars when upgrading your portfolio? This panel shares case studies that provide insights and guidance as to where the biggest "bang for the buck" can be found - and they'll also suggest what they might do differently on future projects.

stock market numbers

Severe Winter Weather May Cost U.S. Economy as Much as $50 Billion, by CNBC

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Severe winter weather may have cost the nation’s economy as much $50 billion and 76,000 jobs this season, according to a CNBC Fed Survey of 19 Wall Street economists, strategists and fund managers. Survey respondents put the total weather impact at about a third of a percentage point of the $16 trillion U.S. economy.

Joe Brennan

The Federal Dilemma

Free Content, Video

The political climate is making it difficult to make real estate decisions relative to federal tenants. Joe Brennan, Managing Director Government Investor Services, Jones Lang LaSalle, advises that if you have a federal client with a pending lease expiration, sit down and understand their requirements. Video produced by Jones Lang LaSalle. (3.25 minutes)

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