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2014 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey

Is your salary and bonus package competitive? Find out with the 2014 NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Compensation Survey.

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ECON 2014 Recap: Presentations and Videos

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The E.CON 2014 Inaugural Conference offered attendees a chance to examine how e-commerce and today's on-demand consumer lifestyle is redefining industrial real estate. The conference was held March 27-28 in Phoenix, Arizona.View the presentations and selected video snippets of the speakers and panelists.

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E-commerce Evolution: Considerations for Commercial Real Estate

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Although businesses first began conducting electronic transactions via computer networks as early as the 1960s, e-commerce — defined as the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet — truly began in the mid 1990s. This publication identifies and describes the foundational elements of this new way of shopping and shipping, and poses key questions for commercial real estate professionals working in this realm.

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E-commerce Evolution — Element 5: Robotics and Inventory Systems

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When founder Jeff Bezos announced that the company was eyeing the possibility of delivering packages from warehouse to door by means of miniature drones, he wasn’t confusing aircraft for pie in the sky. While such machines are some years away from being a practical reality, the very idea of them speaks to revolutions in both the supply and fulfillment chains and in everyday robotics.

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E-commerce Evolution — Element 4: Distribution and Fulfillment Centers

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Distribution centers typically serve customers who order in quantity or single vendors who warehouse durable goods such as refrigerators and HVAC units for stores downstream. Of late, these DCs are being supplemented and sometimes supplanted by e-commerce fulfillment centers, whose model is well expressed by the phrase “endless aisle.”

Alex Klatskin

Behind the Scenes of Industrial Real Estate

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Industrial real estate is viewed differently from other property types because of its connection to the larger macro-economic picture. Alex Klatskin, Partner, Forsgate Industrial Partners, says that industrial buildings are the least understood among real estate products. Video produced by Jones Lang LaSalle. (2 minutes)

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Are Current RE Trends Due to “Known Unknowns”? by CBRE

Free Content, Article

“Are today’s low levels of demand due to cyclical forces — the recession and weak recovery — or to the long-term effects of ‘known unknowns’?” asked Arthur Jones, senior managing economist, CBRE, in the September 16 issue of the firm’s About Real Estate newsletter.

Lazarus building

The Lazarus Building

Free Content, Case study

The Lazarus “Building” is six separate structures, the inital building was constructed in 1909 and the remaining five constructed throughout the 20th century. The separate structures were interwoven as additions were made. Lazarus, during its lifetime as a retail emporium, had been Columbus’ most iconic building.

Exceptional Industrial Projects book cover

Exceptional Industrial Projects: Beyond the Box

Paid Content, Book

Study 20 detailed cases showing the best in industrial project design — industrial parks, bulk warehouse, business distribution, adaptive reuse, sustainable development, special use and more. A comprehensive industry interview with leading experts about serving industrial tenants rounds out this must-have publication.

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